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Celebrating Caressa Redd

By Derek Doehrmann | Feb 12, 2024 7:00 AM


Today, we celebrate Caressa Redd, a senior who was part of the record-setting 4 * 100 relay team from last spring’s track and field team. Caressa is a hard-working student-athlete on and off the competition field. Whether it’s playing soccer in the fall, helping manage the girls basketball program, or working hard in Elective PE to get stronger and faster, Caressa has already made an impact on Speedway High School. “Caressa is SO FAST!” exclaimed coach Stacie Burke in an earlier interview. “She never quits and she shows kindness to all.” Caressa joined the soccer program last fall and has enjoyed all of her sports experiences. “Sports have given me the opportunity to have fun with my friends while also making ourselves better as athletes,” said Redd. “It’s strengthened my relationships and I’ve had opportunities to meet new people.” “Caressa is wise beyond her years,” said varsity girls basketball coach Joe Smith. “She has been a manager for us for four years and is always someone I never have to push to get her work done. She is dependable, hard-working, and a pleasure to be around.” Caressa has a fondness for her seventh grade teacher Mrs. Carlson who has made a major impact on her. “Mrs. Carlson is an influence to me because she always is pushing her current and past students to be the best student, to be the best version of yourself,” noted Redd. “She has always cared about others very deeply.” Upon graduation, Caressa plans on attending Indiana University and using those skills referenced by her coaches and teachers to potential work in the medical field. “I’m plan to study nursing or radiology to become an ultrasound tech one day,” said Redd. “I’m blessed to receive three scholarships from here.” Currently, Caressa spends the first portion of her day at Area 31 as part of the Medical Assisting program. “Caressa is going to be a great nurse or X-ray technician,” said Smith. “I am excited to see what the next chapter of her life brings and I know she will make any university a better place just for being on its campus.” Caressa lives with her aunt (Diane Paicely) and has a brother (Carlo Jennings).